The re-emergence of the hemp industry, here in the UK, and around the globe is a historical, radical shift towards a sustainable Green Industrial Revolution. The public are demanding change. The evidence is clear that petrochemical products, toxic building materials, cotton, tree paper and poor nutrition are leading us towards an irreversible shift which is poisoning our lands, our people, destroying our forests and polluting our oceans.

The versatile nature of hemp has the potential to replace these toxic industries and provide our children with hope for the future.


HempTank is a not for profit organisation and relies on sponsorship from farmers, businesses, organisations and the public in order to carry out the work needed to support the re-establishment of the hemp industry here in the UK.

This sponsorship help us to:

  • Support farmers
  • Advise and work with businesses wanting to enter the hemp industry
  • Develop plans for the UK infrastructure (harvesting, processing and end-uses)
  • Delevop research projects for hemp agronomy and soil restoration
  • Attend meetings and events to bring awareness of the many benefits of hemp
  • Develop stategies for policy development

Are you involved in or do you have connections/interests in the Hemp industry?

If the answer is yes, sponsor HempTank today and be a part of the Green Industrial Revolution:

Together, we are stronger!

Whether you are a member of the public who supports our work, a business wanting to support or enter the hemp industry or a farmer who would like guidance and support for growing hemp, please show your support by choosing the appropriate monthly/yearly payment below: